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Historic Downtown Hershey


For many Americans, the name "Hershey" means chocolate. The man who started it all, Milton S. Hershey, was a great humanitarian and philanthropist. In 1905, Milton Hershey built his famous chocolate company in the town known today as Hershey.

Milton S. Hershey portrait

Milton S. Hershey

The man who began it all, Milton S. Hershey, was satisfied to let his accomplishments and products speak for themselves.

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Historic image from Hersheypark's Car Carrousel


Milton S. Hershey built Hershey Park in 1906 so his employees would have a pleasant environment for picnicking and boating.

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Historic Hersheypark Arena exterior shot

Hersheypark Arena

There are more than 70 years of memories in Hersheypark Arena; let's take a trip down memory lane.

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The Hotel Hershey original rendering illustration

The Hotel Hershey

Built during the Great Depression, The Hotel Hershey is one of America's landmark hotels, located on a hilltop overlooking Hershey, PA.

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Historic Hershey Motor Lodge exterior image

Hershey Lodge

Twenty-one years after the death of entrepreneur Milton S. Hershey, his progressive ideas endured with the building of Hershey Lodge.

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Women putting in historic image of Hershey Country Club

Hershey Country Club

In 1930, Milton S. Hershey founded Hershey Country Club, giving up the first floor in his High Point Mansion to serve as the Clubhouse.

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