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Museum exhibit at Antique Automobile Club of America Museum

A A C A Museum

Set out on a sweet journey of discovery at The AACA Museum! Wind your way through ever-changing, interactive exhibits highlighting the illustrious and expansive history of the motor vehicle! With more than 100 cars on display including everything from the horseless carriages of the 18th century to the muscle cars of the 70s and beyond, it's sure to ignite, stir, and drive your passion for the amazing automobile.

Featured Activities

The A A C A Museum is always shifting gears – offering new and exciting exhibits to showcase classic cruisers, vintage wheels, and honor the iconic rides of the past.

  • Make a pit stop on your journey through the automotive world to visit the Museum of Bus Transportation – a full floor of buses, motorcycles, motorbikes, and more!
  • Visit the Tucker Automobiles: The Cammack Collection for a look at the world’s largest collection of Tucker automobiles and artifacts on permanent display.
  • Explore a captivating collection of un-restored, classic automobiles on loan from garages across the country! See and learn how they helped pave the way for the current cars on the road today!
AACA Museum exhibit
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