Corporate Partnership Program with Hershey

Corporate Partnership

Discounted Park Tickets

Online E-ticketing (Discounts up to 23%)
Designed for companies with 500+ employees, this FREE service offers discounted tickets from a secure Company Intranet Site.


Consignment Ticketing (Discounts up to 23%)
With no cost to you, purchase a minimum of 50 discounted tickets and return any unsold tickets at the end of the season. Your tickets are valid any Regular Operating Day.


2011 Pricing

Regular Gate Rates: E-Ticketing/Consignment Discount Rates:
Hersheypark Regular (ages 9-54) - $56.95 Hersheypark Regular (ages 9-54) - $44.95
Hersheypark Junior (ages 3-8) - $35.95 Hersheypark Junior (ages 3-8) - $32.95
Hersheypark Senior (ages 55 - 69) - $35.95 Hersheypark Senior (ages 55-69) - $32.95
Hersheypark Senior Plus (70+) - $22.95 Hersheypark Senior Plus (70+) - $21.95

By providing your birth date, you help ensure that we are able to comply with all applicable laws and regulations, and our own standards concerning children and the Internet.

- Got it. Thanks for explaining, Hershey!