About Hershey: Corporate Social Responsibiity

Corporate Social Responsibility

About Hershey: Corporate Social Responsibiity View CSR ReportView CSR Report - MarketplaceView CSR Report - WorkplaceView CSR Report - EnvironmentView CSR Report - Community

Hershey Entertainment and Resorts is dedicated to preserving the legacy of our founder, Milton S. Hershey. Mr. Hershey’s business practices of more than 100 years ago extended to what business leaders today recognize as the foundations of responsible and sustainable business. He believed that supporting the community and helping those in need were an important part in the success of his business model. Those same beliefs hold true today and are the foundation to everything we do as a company.

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) Report includes key examples of how we’re making a positive impact, describes our commitments, and defines growth opportunities within our four CSR pillars: Environment, Community, Workplace, and Marketplace & Guest Focus.

View CSR Report

View CSR Report

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